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Thank you for visiting Jojo's Treasure Hoard's online store where you will find thousands of pieces of Paparazzi Jewelry!

*** COVID-19 Shipping Announcement ***

Due to COVID-19, shipping times from Paparazzi to us on our orders are being delayed 15-25 business days at times. These items have been ordered and paid for from Paparazzi. Order dates for each piece can be found in the description area of each piece. This will begin the time frame for pre-orders.

This amazing company Paparazzi releases new items 5 days a week Monday through Friday and once the pieces are sold out, they may never return. We feature new releases as well as vintage pieces at a price for any budget. Our names are Jolene and Adam Holtan and we are Independent Consultants with Paparazzi Accessories. We absolutely love Paparazzi Jewelry and our amazing team! Consultant #453609.

Everything you see on the site is brand new, Nickel-free and Lead-free so it works well for most people who are allergic to jewelry or that have sensitive skin. It's high quality, trendy and current, gorgeous, and just $5!

The Little Diva Kids Jewelry is $1 each or $5 for a set. The Exclusive Zi Collection is $25 each.

If you want to make extra cash and have a blast selling this amazing $5 Paparazzi Jewelry, contact me today at or Click HERE to visit our Paparazzi Accessories Site.

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